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Analyst Firm Says Sypherlink is a “Top 10 IT Company to Watch” in 2011

Bloor Group, Co-founded by Leading Industry Researcher Robin Bloor, Praises Sypherlink for Excellence in Data Integration Discovery and Mapping Technology

DUBLIN, Ohio, April 28, 2011 – Sypherlink, a leading data integration software and NIEM conformance provider, has been named by IT analyst firm Bloor Group as one of the "Top 10 IT Companies to Watch” in 2011. Eric Kavanagh, CEO of the Bloor Group, published his article on the company’s Virtual Circle website.

In the article, Kavanagh described Sypherlink’s Harvester data discovery and mapping engine as “both innovative and intelligent.” “The company has unique IP and, in our view, is better than the alternatives we’ve seen for this kind of activity,” Kavanagh explains. “Theoretically, Sypherlink could be a huge benefit to any Master Data Management or Data Warehouse program, helping to map out available data sets in the design phase.”

Sypherlink Harvester is a data management tool that reduces the time, effort and cost of integration projects through the use of its patented technology that automates and accelerates data discovery and mapping, often the most manual and time consuming tasks. Harvester enables analysis of data across multiple data sources simultaneously and provides an intuitive point-and-click user interface to allowing users to view database relationships and the underlying source data.

“Based on decades of experience in data integration, it was clear that understanding and mapping data made up the majority of the cost and length of a project,” explains James Paat, CEO of Sypherlink. “We developed Harvester to alleviate that burden simplifying data integration in both the public and private sector, including data warehouse, master data management, business intelligence and integrated justice initiatives.”

“Harvester made a huge impact on our project,” said Mike Phillips, former project manager of the Florida Law Enforcement Exchange Initiative (FLEX). “We had a significant need to quickly know what data was available and how it related across the hundreds of law enforcement agencies in Florida. With Sypherlink Harvester, we were able to complete the data discovery and mapping phase in a shorter timeframe than expected and with fewer resources because of the automated nature of the software.”

About Sypherlink, Inc.
Sypherlink is a data-integration-software and NIEM conformance provider that intelligently links critical information across disparate data sources. The company's products and solutions are based upon its core, patented heuristics-matching technology for automating the data discovery and mapping process. Sypherlink's National Information Exchange (NIE) Gateway solution combines this unique technology with pre-built interfaces to rich information sources, and conformance to the national information exchange model (NIEM) to minimize the time and effort for law enforcement and public safety agencies to become NIEM conformant. The company's client/partner base includes global 1,000 organizations, government agencies, and leading systems integrators and application/tool providers. Sypherlink is a member of the IJIS Institute. Sypherlink is a Saama Technologies company.

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