FBI N-DEx Support

Data sharing programs are only as good as the data available to them. That's why individual agencies are feeling the pressure to support and share their data with critical efforts such as the FBI's National Data Exchange (N-DEx).

As an individual agency, a data sharing exchange, a systems integrator, or a vendor application provider, it's important to understand what N-DEx is and how it relates to other key systems in the public safety data sharing realm.

N-DEx is a system and an application that brings together data from law enforcement agencies throughout the United States, including incident and case reports, booking and incarceration data, and parole/probation information. N-DEx detects relationships between people, vehicle/property, location, and/or crime characteristics. It “connects the dots” between data that is not seemingly related.


  • Collects data from CAD/RMS systems running at local law enforcement agencies;
  • Serves an analytic/investigative system, as opposed to an tactical system (ex. NCIC/NLETS);
  • Provides operational information, as opposed to the statistical data (ex. NIBRS); and
  • Is one of the nodes within OneDOJ .

The NDEX data format uses a US DOJ developed standard for structuring NIEM elements called the Logical Entity Exchange Specification (LEXS). Submitting to NDEX requires a software component that can understand this unique format to transact data from an agency's CAD/RMS system.

Sypherlink's NIEM Harmonizer Spoke provides a solution that can enable an agency to submit their data to NDEX. The component can be deployed at an agency to perform all of the functions necessary to create and transmit submission records to NDEX. The software provides a number of features that help an ageny conform not only to the data format, but also to other important operational needs:

  • Change-data-capture facilities provide a way to transmit changed records to NDEX
  • A browser-based management console for either central or distributed control of the software
  • Data cleansing capabilities can be used to clean the data prior to NDEX submission
  • Worry free maintenance means that changes to the NDEX standard are covered under support

Sypherlink's experienced Justice & National Security Practice is focused on providing the required expertise, unique technology, and best practice solutions around integrated justice iformation sharing. We provide proven data management tools built around the National Information Exchange Model (NIEM) that help accelerate the development and deployment of NIEM-based exchanges. Our experts can help your organization understand the benefits - and challenges - inherent in participation with exchanges such as FBI N-Dex.