The NIE Gateway

The Sypherlink National Information Exchange (NIE) GatewayTM is the first – and only – commercially-available, off-the-shelf solution for the timely, effective and cost-efficient conformance of NIEM/LEXS standards. Sypherlink developed this solution to implement data integration at both a tactical level – using execution components that can deliver data flexibly – and strategically, using federal standards as the data management backbone.

The NIE Gateway solution is built upon its patented automated data discovery and mapping technology and NIEM expertise. The NIE Gateway encapsulates industry knowledge gained from Sypherlink’s Justice & National Security Practice and team of integrated justice data sharing experts. It enables agencies to meet and maintain conformance, without having to build the physical and human infrastructure to support such an effort.

Sypherlink NIE Gateway Solution

The NIE Gateway is a combination of patented technology and industry expertise that simplifies and accelerates data sharing for public safety constituents of all sizes and levels of complexity.

Sypherlink National Information Exchange (NIE) Gateway Components

The NIE Gateway consists of the following components:
  • Sypherlink Harvester – automated discovery and mapping tool used to aid in the analysis and transformation of data in integration projects;
  • Sypherlink Harmonizer – integration software that facilities data exchange using NIEM and LEXS;
  • NIEM Relational model – fully-relational data model based on NIEM that can be used for warehouse implementation models; and
  • Pre-built interfaces – A number of pre-built interfaces to popular justice systems are available and growing.

  • By leveraging the Sypherlink NIE Gateway, government agencies are able to:

    • Conform to NIEM/LEXS – in a simple, effective, and cost-efficient manner;
    • Protect existing technology investments – through an interface built directly to their current records management system;
    • Focus on public safety – and not on information technology and standards;
    • Stay ahead of the requirements curve – easily embracing changing standards and funding opportunities; and
    • Leverage Sypherlink’s expertise – in supporting state and federal information sharing initiatives, such as the FBI’s National Data Exchange (N-DEx), the US Department of Justice’s OneDOJ system, and the Department of Homeland Security’s Suspicious Activity Report (SAR) initiatives.