Regional, State and Federal Data Exchanges

The Challenge: Creating a data-rich and flexible information exchange

Regional, state and federal data exchanges are pivotal to the security of our nation as the intelligence they provide to law enforcement officials is extremely valuable. However it can be difficult to construct an exchange flexible enough to share information with multiple agencies, support inputs and outputs from various systems and applications, and comply with federal standards in a constantly changing environment.

The Solution: Embrace the only complete and proven infrastructure designed for exchanges

The Sypherlink National Information Exchange (NIE) Gateway is a complete and proven data management infrastructure that accelerates the implementation of information sharing

  • Accelerate the implementation of the exchange - Leverage the NIE Gateway’s patented technology to automate the typically manual and time-consuming data discovery and mapping processes, while jump starting the data movement process and integrating with preferred data management tools to leverage existing expertise.
  • Prepare for change - Standards will evolve, agencies will acquire new technology, additional exchanges will emerge and applications may be replaced. Because the NIE Gateway is a neutral infrastructure, changing inputs and outputs are handled by unplugging old adapters and plugging in new ones, while the remainder of the solution remains intact;
  • Comply with federal standards - Conform to the NIEM standard without in-house training or expertise, to enable integration with other data sharing efforts such as fusion centers and federal programs while meeting grant eligibility requirements;
  • Allow agencies to maintain data privacy - The NIE Gateway offers virtual access to data, helping agencies maintain data privacy and overcome a major barrier to participation; and
  • Remain focused - Turn technology over to the experts and remain focused on core competencies.