State and Local Agencies

The Challenge: Sharing Agency Data With Limited Resources and Funds

Your agency plays a critical role in the success of local, state, regional and federal data sharing and intelligence efforts. The NIEM framework and LEXS standard provide a common language by which to communicate this information, enabling your agency to:

  • Share and receive critical information with other public safety agencies, enhancing decision making capabilities.
  • Benefit from new federal and state grant funding opportunities, which require conformance to NIEM and LEXS.

While your agency may fully intend to support the NIEM framework and conform to the LEXS standard, it is difficult to ignore the fact that a considerable investment of resources, domain expertise, training, time, effort and cost is required. Sypherlink understands the importance of compliance – and the challenges associated with conformance – and offers agencies a simplified, effective and cost-efficient solution.

The Solution: Sypherlink's Turn-Key Solution for NIEM/LEXS Conformance

The Sypherlink National Information Exchange (NIE) Gateway is the first – and only – commercially-available, off-the-shelf solution for the timely, effective and cost-efficient conformance of NIEM/LEXS standards. The NIE Gateway enables agencies to meet and maintain conformance, without having to build the physical and human infrastructure to support such an effort. By leveraging the NIE Gateway, public safety agencies are able to:

  • Conform to NIEM/LEXS – in a simple, effective, and cost-efficient manner;
  • Protect existing technology investments– through a re-usable interface built directly to your current CAD/RMS system;
  • Focus on public safety – and not on information technology and evolving standards;
  • Stay ahead of the requirements curve– easily embracing changing standards and funding opportunities; and
  • Leverage Sypherlink’s expertise –in supporting local, state and federal information sharing initiatives (such as FBI N-DEx).