NIEM Strategy & Design

Because NIEM is relatively new, finding resources with appropriate technical skills (NIEM, LEXS) and domain expertise (public safety) is a challenge for those trying to integrate data utilizing the standard. Furthermore, training existing resources is a lengthy and costly process. Even if expertise was available, it is difficult carving out the time for project planning and implementation with today’s tight budgets and strained human resources.

Outside of the human aspect, technology choices pose additional challenges. Research and evaluation of the right tool(s) is a long process. Once chosen, development and implementation cycles are lengthy while costs to purchase the necessary hardware and software components are high. Finally, with limited time and resources, a solution that offers reusable technology, pre-built templates and automation simplifies the most time-consuming and costly tasks in the data integration process; reduces timeline and budget risks; and increases the likelihood of success.

The Solution: Leave it to the experts

Sypherlink is the proven industry leader in providing proven and successful solutions for designing, implementing and managing NIEM-based data sharing programs.