Data Integration

The Challenge

Organizations today face extreme pressure to grow, change, merge and compete. In order to succeed, they must focus on the drivers which support their overall goals. Whether these drivers are to enhance decision making, comply with industry regulations, or even support matters of national security, one thing is common: the need for accurate information.

Information is the key

Successful public safety efforts are based upon access to information about people, places and things. Business initiatives also rely on accurate information to support reporting systems, web portals, and business intelligence systems.

As important as it is, accurate, consistent information is not readily available across most organizations. It usually exists in multiple, disparate data sources on a wide variety of platforms. Accessing this disparate information takes time, money and resources.

The Solution

Sypherlink helps organizations to quickly access to their critical data, automatically determine how it relates to other data sources, and ensure it is accurately fed to decision makers. Sypherlink Harvester automates and accelerates the upfront data discovery and mapping process. Sypherlink Harvester Integrator then takes the information established within Harvester and feeds it through the transformation and integration process to the end users.

Application Use Cases

Sypherlink supports many important information management initiatives. Following are use cases for three of today’s most critical initiatives: