Law Enforcement Vendors: RMS/CMS Application Providers

The Challenge: Standards are driving data-sharing efforts

Information sharing standards such as NIEM/LEXS have arrived, and now the pressure falls on public safety vendors to develop support for these standards. In addition, grant funding for new programs is increasingly tied to standards conformance and the ability to feed data to local, state and federal systems, such as the FBI’s N-DEx.

Vendors are faced with the challenge of supporting these efforts (often without the required resources or compensation), or risk being left behind in the competitive landscape.

The Solution: Partner with the experts

Partnering with Sypherlink and leveraging our turn-key NIEM HarmonizerTM solution provides instant conformance to emerging standards such as NIEM/LEXS and the ability to:

  • Conform to standards – Accelerate your time-to-delivery by gaining rapid NIEM/LEXS conformance, while opening the door to countless local, state, and federal data and intelligence sharing opportunities;
  • Focus on your core business – Reduce costs by off-loading non-core development efforts to Sypherlink, while still reaping the benefits of NIEM/LEXS conformance;
  • Acquire and satisfy customers – Gain a competitive advantage through conformance with standards, and quickly satisfy customer requests to support initiatives such as regional and national data exchanges;
  • Generate more revenue – Once in place, ongoing revenues generated from your customized NIEM Harmonizer are shared, with Sypherlink maintaining responsibility for updating the library of releases and interfaces, with your input; and
  • Leverage Sypherlink’s experience – Sypherlink’s library of pre-built adapters allows you to take advantage of our experience, by utilizing plug-in mappings for various local, state and federal initiatives, such as the FBI’s N-DEx program.