Leveraging NIEM

The Challenge

Sharing information between local, regional, and state public safety agencies is becoming more and more critical as agencies work to reduce and deter crime and make better-informed decisions. The ability to aggregate disparate information from multiple data sources and platforms, however, is not an easy task.

While agencies may fully intend to support information sharing programs, it's difficult to ignore the fact that considerable challenges still exist, including:

  • Poorly documented systems and lack of domain expertise;
  • Critical discovery and mapping tasks are a largely manual effort;
  • Lack of flexibility and inability to re-use previous data mapping efforts;
  • Vendor lock-in;
  • High cost of maintenance; and
  • Data ownership and stewardship issues.

In order to maximize the benefit of data sharing in the public safety arena, organizations need to understand that data integration is only one piece of a larger data management strategy and the selection of partners and tools should reflect that concept. The best solutions are those that separate data integration from the application so users are not limited to the current and future capabilities of a single vendor.

To reap the benefits of interoperability and reusability, a solution that embraces The National Information Exchange Model (NIEM) framework and related Logical Entity Exchange Specifications (LEXS) standard will not only facilitate access to the highest number of agencies, but will also open the door to funding and grants specific to NIEM-compliant constituents. A solution that combines NIEM compliance and expertise further shortens the learning curve of acquiring NIEM knowledge.

The Solution

The Sypherlink National Information Exchange (NIE) Gateway is the first - and only - commercially-available, off-the-shelf solution for the timely, effective and cost-efficient conformance of NIEM/LEXS standards. Sypherlink developed this solution to implement data integration at both a tactical level - using execution components that can deliver data flexibly - and strategically, using federal standards as the data management backbone.

The NIE Gateway solution is built upon its patented automated data discovery and mapping technology and NIEM expertise. The NIE Gateway encapsulates industry knowledge gained from Sypherlink's Justice & National Security Practice and team of integrated justice data sharing experts. It enables agencies to meet and maintain conformance, without having to build the physical and human infrastructure to support such an effort.