Systems Integrators

The Challenge: Integrate a highly complex environment while reducing risk and ensuring margins

Government data sharing projects can be valuable opportunities for system integrators (SIs). However, competition is fierce and reducing risk is vital to keeping costs down and margins high. Risk lies in the complex process of building interfaces to multiple agencies and source systems with poor documentation, scarce domain expertise and mostly manual processes, while overcoming data ownership battles. 

Furthermore, training and ongoing maintenance is required to support national standards, such as the National Information Exchange Model (NIEM).

The Solution: Leverage Sypherlink’s justice domain expertise and patented data integration tools

Sypherlink’s National Information Exchange (NIE) Gateway™ provides immediate standards conformance and accelerates the implementation of data sharing programs, enabling partners to:

  • Reduce project risk – Cut out costly one-off development efforts with the NIE Gateway’s library of pre-built adapters while leveraging expertise in your chosen data management tools. Furthermore, overcome data privacy concerns with NIEM Harmonizer’s out-of-the-box data on-site data sharing capabilities;
  • Turn NIEM compliance over to the experts – Gain immediate and ongoing compliance without in-house training or expertise;
  • Speed current implementations – Leverage automated discovery and mapping technology and pre-built adapters, and jump start the ETL process to integrate data at a faster rate; and
  • Increase profits – Predict mapping costs more accurately with Sypherlink’s patented data mapping technology to meet fixed bids or increase margins.

Sypherlink Harvester is also used by our integration partners to accelerate internal processes to reduce project timeframes and decrease costs.

 “In any large data conversion effort, accurately and rapidly mapping legacy sources to target systems is always a challenge. With Sypherlink Harvester, we were able to gain data discovery, data organization and mapping capabilities through the use of this technology that ultimately allowed us to perform the initial data mapping more rapidly and accurately than our traditional means. Specifically, we were able to deliver - on average - a single source, fully mapped, in one to two days. This was significantly faster than our traditional means, which took five to seven days.”

--Kelby Kostival, President, Results OnShore Consulting